I have the tremendous pleasure to publish the interview I make of Jacque/Evisceration, a great and nice Australian model

Presentation ( name,age,job):
I’m Jac, 26 years old and a paramedicine student at university.

When did you begin to be a model ?:
I started when I was around 19, mostly for local clothing brands and in the « cyber goth » community.

Why did your begin ?What was the triggering factor ?:

I always enjoyed dressing up and experimenting with different styles, and wanted to create some interesting and artistic images by collaborating with photographers and clothing companies.

What kind of pictures did you model for ? What were the one you prefer to take ?:

I started in basic catalog fashion and cyber goth shoots, and over the years I have done a variety of modelling, from dark horror work to full character cosplay, fashion, pin up and almost everything inbetween! My favourite work personally would have to be the cosplay ones, as I adore bringing my favourite characters from games and comic books to life, in a manner of speaking.

What were your inspirations for your shootings ?:
That depends on the shoot. I mostly do cosplay shoots while at conventions or fashion shoots for my favourite brand now – each cosplay is inspired by the character being portrayed, and the fashion work is about encapsulating a style and look other people can enjoy and factor into their own wardrobes.

Did you ever take the role of photographer ?:
Only in a very casual sense – while I do enjoy being on both sides of the camera, I also know my skills as a photographer are currently far from professional!

How did you manage to model for brands ?:
I was very lucky. Right place at the right time, really! I saw the casting calls for a few places I had already been a regular customer at, so I applied with a few self taken shots and I suppose they liked my style and I was fortunate enough that they decided to give me a chance.

Why did you take off your facial piercings? Would you like to have some repierced ?:
I removed most of my piercings a couple of years ago when I started working full time in a job which required it for health and safety protocols, but honestly by that point I had become a little tired of them in general. For me personally, they had always been more of something to tide me by until I was able to get more substantial tattoo work so I wasn’t too fussed about removing them, and I don’t think I would repierce them.

How many tatoos do you have ?Any new projects you would like to ink?:
A fair few; full chest, both hips, most of my right arm, back of my neck, hairline, behind my ears, shoulder, finger, wrist on my left arm, part of my left thigh, small one on my ribs… I think that’s all of them so far. Loooots more to come in the future, just taking my time to research all the perfect artists for what I want and save up all the dollars! These things are rather permenant so I don’t want to rush them!

What characters do you enjoy most cosplaying ?:
I love Gwen Stacy based characters the most at the moment, as I can relate to her personality type quite a lot. I also love portraying final fantasy characters, as I adore the games themselves which were a huge part of my childhood, plus their costume designs are amazing!

Why did you choose “evisceration” as a model name ?:
I chose it a few years ago by going through my favourite medical terms and decided that one would make a good name given my more gothy style back then. Consequently, I have opted to no longer use this name as it is too difficult to spell and doesn’t accurately reflect my style of modelling – I smile far too much for such a morbid name!

Why did you move from England to Australia ?:
I was around 14 at the time, and it was my mothers choice rather than my own. Her motivations were mostly the crime rate skyrocketing in the area I grew up in, and her sister had moved to Australia a couple of years prior.

What do you do for a living ?:
I’m a paramedicine student at university, and I also do casual first aid work for a medic company at certain events.

Did you ever practice any other forms of arts ? ( dancing,painting, playing in a band, singing,…):
I have always enjoyed drawing and painting, as well as singing and I’ve done some stage dancing as well. I may not be the most jaw dropping in the world, but I have a lot of fun with it!

What are your other hobbies ?:
I play a lot of video games, mostly RPGs. I also enjoy reading fantasy novels and riding motorbikes.

How do you see your body ? ( as a blank canvas, a perfection,…):
I have some things I physically like and some things I don’t, just like everyone does – so long as I’m healthy then I’m happy! And I’m very grateful to be able to get artists’ work to decorate it in the form of tattoos, all with happy messages to remind me of things which make me smile.

What advices would you give to someone who would like to begin modelling?:

Be very, very fussy on who you work with and if anyone makes you feel uncomfrotable, unsafe or pressured into anything you don’t want to do then walk away. There are far too many people out there trying to take advantage of young people trying to make it in that industry, unfortunately. Set your personal perameters and limits, and don’t let anyone make you feel you have to do more than you want to!

What was your best memory and your worst when you remember your whole career ?:

To me, my paramedic work is my career whereas modelling has been a hobby for fun – but given the context, I’ll stick to modelling related experiences for this. Getting to dance on stage for both DJ Sisen and DJ S3rl on the same night with Neko Planet was probably my favourite memory, I had such fun! My least favourite memory was probably when I worked with a photographer who made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and borderline violated, nagging me to remove clothing constantly, regardless of my refusal. The same photographer also tried to pressure me to drink (I do not drink alcohol), and fed other girls alcohol in order to try and manipulate everyone into doing more risque shots than they wanted to.

Do you have any funny details you would like to share ?:
I made a complete fool of myself in full cosplay in front of Tom Felton once. I was dressed as Rei from Evangelion, got a photo with him, then totally lost my cool… threw up a « hand heart » gesture, muttered something along the lines of « Oh my God… like… 10 years of love » and fell into a wall while stumbling out. It was so embarassing but I can’t help but laugh at myself now!

With what photographers would you like to work with ?:
I don’t really have any in particular that pop to mind, especially as I mostly keep my modelling down to comic conventions such as Supanova and Comicon and with Tragic Beautiful’s crew these days.

Tell us three things you hate, and three things you like ?:
« Hate » is a very strong word. I suppose I severely dislike unnecessary violence, intentional unpleasantness and any kind of cruelty to innocent parties such as children or animals. I really like seeing people laughing and smiling, the feeling of cameraderie and individuals with genuiene empathy.

What are the main difficulties a model has to handle with ? What are the advantages ?:
Rejection is very common and to be expected within the modelling world. No matter what you look like or how amazing you are for one designer, you won’t fit the exact style and idea of many others. Some take this personally, and it causes major self esteem issues as they try to fit into everyone’s « perfect » look – which is simply impossible, as every company and every individual shoot within that company has a different idea of what is « ideal ». Another big issue is that as soon as you have any level of noteriety, people who don’t actually know who you are on any kind of level will make judgements and assumptions about you – usually negative ones. So you must be able to deal with a fair amount of unwarranted spitefulness. You’ll also get the creepers! So, so many people who immediately see you as a sexual object with no brain, rather than a human being, which is incredibly frustrating to deal with at times. The main advantage I have come across over the years are the amazing people you meet and work with – some of the most creative, inspirational and motivated individuals have been a part of my life thanks to the industry!



Contact : https://www.facebook.com/JacsCosplay


Photos credits : First : Holly Novello Photography 2015

                        Second : Folter Clothing with Tragic Beautiful


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