Buck Angel

 I’m overwhelmed by joy that Buck Angel accepted to answer my questions,I feel so blessed and thankful.

That’s true that without my twin brother,I would maybe never knew about his existence, as he was the first to show me his profile, saying « look at him, I just want to be like him, he just looks so self confident ».So, I look closer at  what he shared on his social media, and was astonished by the way he seems to face every situation with a great calm and happiness.


Could you present yourself first quickly for the ones who don’t know you ?

Hi. First let me thank you for your interest in me. I appreciate this opportunity to educate. So now for your readers, I am a transsexual man. Born female and transitioned, or what we used to say « had a sex change » to become male. Today I live full time as a man. I have had surgery to remove my breasts but still have a vagina, by choice. This is how I became known to the world. I challenged the notion of gender being what’s between our legs. Now I am known as the man with a vagina.

How do you consider yourself? A man, a transexual person,a transidentity,a queer person, a intersexual one,…?

I identify as a man. Though I am a transsexual and always will be, that is my history.

 How did you enter in the porn world?

So as not to get to much into detail and make this boring I will tell you the condensed version. I was working in porn behind the scenes making Fetish films. I started to work with a transgender woman helping with her website. That’s when I noticed that there were no Trans men in the porno world. The idea just popped in my head. I said to myself  » the man with the pussy » and I went for it. The adult industry was not having me at all. They did not understand and thought what I was and what I was doing was weird. So I fought and fought until they realized that what I have is very valid, so I felt this need to represent myself sexually where there was non.

Was it a good experience for you ?Why?

I love working in porn. It is my activism. I am a believer of sex being a big part of transitioning and having a positive outlook is everything. There is still very few sex positive Trans male information. It is coming around but it is not something that is discussed enough so I believe my porn is a type of education.

Why not ?

The bad experience I have had with my porn work is first from the actual industry. They did not understand trans men at the time and really gave me a hard time. I had to work extra hard to get people in my industry to resect my work and eventually give me awards. The trans male community was also very harsh to me in the beginning. As they thought what I was doing would eventually hurt the community. But since then many have realized the importance of my work and have even started calling themselves “men with pussies”

 What does it bring to you ?

Many, many things! I love my work in the sex field. For me it gives me gratitude to be able to help people, especially trans men relate to their bodies sexually when many before never felt comfortable. I get such amazing emails from guys thanking me. This is a big deal for me. I want people to be able to enjoy sex, I think it’s a very important part of loving yourself.

Why did you stop your porn career?

I chose to focus on my motivational speaking. It was hard for me to get booked on jobs outside the porn world because I was known as a “porn star” so I decided to re-invent myself as a speaker so I could now get into speaking in places that did not want me. I believe my message is universal, but many people, specially in the USA are very sex phobic and so all the saw was a porn star and nothing else.

Now I have chosen to return to the adult entertainment world because I feel if I leave then its still not want I worked so hard to create, just go away. There are still not many trans men in porn and the few that are doing are doing amazing work bt it is still so few. So now I am focusing on building the genre bigger and better.

Credits : Naomi Harris

Why did you choose Buck Angel as a stage name?

Because of the masculine/feminine. Buck is suck a great manly name and angel represents to me a sort of female part that I still desire to have.

Who inspires you most in the trans community ?

I very much love my friend Laura Jane Grace. She is so amazing and down to earth, but still is so public with her transition. I believe she is a super great role model for many.


What kind of changes would you like to see in the world towards the trans community ?

Right now I see so much change for us its amazing. But that’s said I am a human rights activist and I believe we should all have the same rights, no one group should have ore than another. So basically just hoping the world comes together soon.

What are your sport daily routine?

I am a big fitness advocate and I do not work out everyday. I workout 4- 5 times a week and eat very healthy as this is also important. I post all my workouts on my Instagram (instagram.com/buckangel) so make sure to check them out

 Do you consider yourself as an important character in the trans community?

Yes I do. I think my voice is just as important as anyones voice. I have created my voice in a desire to make change. So that said when some people do not believe that I am a “good role model” for our community I always wonder why? And instead of just realizing that we all bring something to the table they just make problems by creating this negative dialogue. Anyone can have a voice if they want and anyone can create change. But some choose to just create hate. I do not and why I believe my voice is so powerful. Also my voice trancendes  the trans world and now I have many fans from all walks of life.

Trans Male Community Bullying-Buck Angel


Which reasons makes you film your documentaries?

My Sexing the Transman series is a docu-porn style that I have chosen to use because I think it helps people understand the sexuality more. They get to have a personal relationship to the guys.

Why do you create the site transtatic storytelling?

Because I believe that storytelling is very important and creates change. Each one of use has a story to tell and that story is unique, but when we hear these stories we all find the common ground to unite us. That’s important to me. (http://trantastic.com/)

Up to you,what is your role on our society?

To create positive change in the world with my pornography and sex activism.

What are the messages you try to convey throughout the films you make,the sites you create and the conferences you gave ?

The underlying message from my work is ,learn to love yourself, because no one can love you until you love yourself first. Take time and become the person you have always dreamed of beoming.

What are your projects for 2016?

2016 is already a year of great things. I have re-started my all trans male webcam site buckangelcams.com in order to create more jobs for my trans brothers and that they can work from the privacy of their homes or wherever. I am filming lots of gys for my award winning series Sexing The Transman. Getting world wide distribution which will put me in places that have been lacking.

Contact : https://www.facebook.com/officialbuckangel






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