Freddie Mercury

Ce lundi, en fin d’après midi, je suis allée voir Bohemian Rhapsody, le biopic sur le groupe Queen et sur son chanteur emblématique : Freddie Mercury. J’ai découvert Queen en m’intéressant à Lady Gaga, en effet elle tira son nom de scène d’une des chansons de Queen : Radio Gaga. Ce n’était pas le genre de musique qu’on écoutait chez mes parents, mais j’ai tout … Continuer de lire Freddie Mercury

Francheska Alexandra Welbourn

I am so overwhelmed by joy to have the chance to interview Francheska, one of the various alternative models I follow on Facebook, on a regular way. I feel proud that she had accepted to share with me, and you, a bit of her world, her wishes and her views. Could you present yourself ? My name is Francheska Alex welbourn I am 20 and … Continuer de lire Francheska Alexandra Welbourn

Hands Off Gretel

I first listened to their music, once their single My size was out, and I totally felt in love with the singer and this weird sound they’ve got.I love the energy in their music, and the really good voice of Lauren, the singer.The video ckio was tremendously awesome, and Lauren became pretty overnight one of my role models. So I send them an interview proposal without … Continuer de lire Hands Off Gretel